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I mentioned in my last post how I’ve been given a free Awesome account at 500px.  What has surprised me is which images are receiving the best responses.

To date, the image above has been my most popular image.  To me, that is not a huge surprise. It’s probably my favourite image out of my portfolio.

More of a surprise to me, is that this image came a close second in terms of popularity:

Trocadero Fountains and Eiffel Tower


This is a six image stitched panoramic shot, the first one I created using PTGui.  Am I happy with the results?  Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it!  But do I think it’s my second best image?  I don’t think so.

Which just goes to show, sometimes you need other people to view your work in order to judge its worth.  You get such an emotional attachment to an image through the creative process, that sometimes it’s difficult to take a step backwards, and assess your work critically.  But it’s so important to do that.

For completeness, my current third most popular image is:



I note that all three of these images were taken on my most recent shooting trip, when I was in Paris.  That is a good sign that my work is continuing to develop!


Lightroom 5 beta

Adobe have announced the release of the public beta version of Lightroom 5.

By the looks of the new features, I don’t think I’ll be paying to upgrade from LR4, although some of the features look quite cool, particularly the improved healing brush (no longer restricted to circular spots) and the new radial gradients (think multiple vignettes, wherever on the image you want them. Or multiple light sources, illuminating areas of the image).

Other new features include automating the manual lens correction features that already exist in LR4, smart previews enabling you to edit your images whilst the external drive that holds the image is disconnected, and some enhancements to the Book module (which I don’t use, preferring instead to use BookSmart when I produce my photo books.)

Top of my wishlist would be improved performance, as LR4 runs really slowly on my laptop – I have to close all other users of resources before I can work on my pictures, and even then I have to close LR periodically to release the memory it is taking up.

If you’d like to find out more, the guys at NAPP have put together a series of videos highlighting the new features.

In addition, Adobe evangelist Terry White has put together a video of his top 5 favourite features:

Also, Julieanne Kost, Adobe’s principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, has also put together a summary of her favourite features, including some videos.

Have a look, and let me know your thoughts!