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All New Flickr – update

Last week I blogged my thoughts on the redesign at Flickr.

I’d now like to update my comments. I mentioned that the “Share” and “More” options on the photo page didn’t work in Chrome or Firefox, just in IE. Well I’m pleased to report that this is partly fixed! I can now use Flickr in Chrome, just like I should be able to! As for Firefox – well this still isn’t working, so still work to be done by Flickr in that regard.

I mentioned in my last post about Pro accounts, and how if you have one you can keep it, but they aren’t available for new users. Well if you want to keep your Pro account, it’s worth checking that it is set to auto-renew as if it expires, it’s gone for good!

Now I just need to work some more shots and drive some footfall to my Flickr galleries!

New Web Site

Welcome to the first blog post on my new web site. I hope you like it.

Please take some time to explore the site, let me have your feedback, and share it with your friends!

I’m going to use this blog to share my work, my inspirations, and other photography related articles that may be of interest.  Please feel free to hit the “Follow” button above to be notified each time I share a new post.