Last weekend was my youngest sisters wedding. I was there primarily as a guest, although I took the opportunity to shoot a few shots. I tried to keep away from the group shots that everyone was lined up to take, and instead aimed to cover more of the guests and the social side of the day.

At the time the guests were arriving the heavens opened, and we had a torrential downpour. The guests were soaked! By the time the bridesmaids arrived, the rain had eased and they just had to worry about keeping the bottom of their dresses dry!

My nephew was one of the page boys. He’s never one for being shy when he sees a camera lens pointing at him!




Once their job was over, it didn’t take long for the ushers to become distracted…






Did I mention that my nephew wasn’t shy when placed in front of a camera? This was his family portrait…


Once we left the church and headed for the reception, the sun came out and it was a beautiful spot for the official pictures to be taken. So bright in fact that the page boy and ushers struggled with the sun in their eyes! My beautiful girlfriend just looked radiant. 🙂








I didn’t forget about the happy couple of course! Here are the new Mr and Mrs Walker…

I wish them every happiness for their future life together.

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