All new Flickr

So I’ve been experimenting with the new designs on Flickr.

First impressions: I like the larger images. I like the layout of my Photostream. I’m not convinced by the home page. And it doesn’t all work in my browser.

In some more detail, the images are now shown in a much larger size, justified on both sides of the screen. It looks good. Some images are super large. Better still. Nice black background.

However, when you click through to a specific image, the “Share” and “More” options aren’t working for me in either Chrome or Firefox. They both work in IE, but I hate IE and never use it normally!

I’m not particularly enamoured with the design on the home page, which now has 90% of the screen dedicated to your contacts most recently uploaded images, with the right hand 10% linking to Groups, Explore and the Blog.

The other big change relates to storage. 1TB free for all users, including full resolution images, but the introduction of ads to pay for it. Pro accounts are no longer offered, but if you had one you can keep it – and then you get unlimited storage, no ads and continue to keep your stats.

All in all, it’s good to see Yahoo! putting some investment into Flickr after so long. The changes are mainly positive and I think it’s a good step forwards.

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